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Thread: redo buffer allocation retries

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    Hi friends,
    we are running OPS in on a Compaq Tru64 5.0A.
    The redo log buffers are sized at 163840.
    The 'redo buffer allocation retries' seem to be on a high side. The query
    SQL> select inst_id,value from gv$sysstat where name='redo buffer allocation retries';

    returns the following:

    ---------- ----------
    2 2710
    1 6911

    Is it necessacry, that the log_buffers should be increased from the present value?
    How does retaining the same will affect the performance?


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    Redo etc

    Oracle reccommends that retries should be less than 1% of redo entries. If is not then it should be OK to increase the log_ buffer. If it is then increasing the log_buffer will not result in any noticeable benefits. I think you need to collect a bit more statistics.

    Good Luck

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    How can I know the redo entries?
    And can you provide links to the doc. where it says it should be 1% of the entries? Because, I could only get "The value of REDO BUFFER ALLOCATION RETRIES should be near zero. "
    Thanks again

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