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    Im trying to write a procedure that will return the rowcount of any table whose name is supplied as avariable to the function. I know it is possible to include a variable in the where clause of a cusor but I seem to have problems including a variable in the from clause:

    create or replace procedure RowComparison is
    cursor tableName_cur is
    select table_name from user_tables;
    raph1count number;
    t4count number;
    tableName_rec tableName_cur%ROWTYPE;
    OPEN tableName_cur;
    FETCH tableName_cur into tableName_rec;
    EXIT WHEN tableName_cur%NOTFOUND;
    select count(*) into raph1count from tableName_rec. table_name;

    I get the same problem if I try to rewrite this using an explicit cursor.

    The error I get is this:
    PLS-00356: 'TABLENAME_REC.TABLE_NAME' must name a table to which the user has access

    Can anyone help?

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    Your question has already been answered in a duplicate thread http://www.dbasupport.com/forums/sho...threadid=14749 . Please refrain from posting the same question in multiple forums in the future.
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