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    Hi, All

    I am a complete novice to installing Oracle 8i. I did a clean install of the Enterprise Edition on WIN2K, which, unfortunately, was not error free. I was unable to install the starter database (even after several attempts). The installation summary read: Installation completed successfully with some errors. I assume the errors refer to the starter database.

    These are the errors I get now.
    1. When I try to use SQL*Plus: ora-12560: TNS: protocol adaptor error. I have used every combination of password available.

    2. When I try to manually install the starter DB: DBCA-00016: unable to copy the seed database. Oracle Databse Configuration Assistant failed (failed)

    3. And, this is a weird one, despite database installation failure I get what seems to be a 'ghost' of the database that I tried to create (global name, SID) remain in the Oracle Administration Assistant for Window NT window pain. So, when I try to delete it I get the: error deleting database ora-0205 (error in identifying control file).
    The image of the 'ghost' is gone, hovever, it is still in the system as I can't use that global name & SID again (name already exist errors)

    There seems to be many issues from this installation. I would greatly appreciate any pointers on how to get my development environment up and running with out re-installation. Much appreciated.

    My system configuration is a dual-boot environment with WIN98 (c:\ drive primary partition) on the primary master disk (HDD0), and WIN2K (D:\ drive primary partition) on the primary slave disk (HDD1). Both drives are formated as FAT 32.


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    I can help you with your first problem

    the other I will leave for someone else

    The first problem is caused by your listener not being started, go to your services and start the TNSListener service
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