We have Oracle 8.1.6 installed and running on NT 4. We are in the process of migrating to 8.1.7 on Windows 2000 Server. I have rebuilt the Server, and installed Oracle 8.1.7. I ran an export of the 8.1.6 database, and now have imported into the 8.1.7 DB. All seems successful. This was done last year, and I have the instructions from that Migration althought I didn't do it.

I am in the habit of using the DBA as well as the OEM. When I try to bring up the OEM (It is set to start automatically and it doesn't start) - either from inside 'services' or from the Start > Programs, it cannot be started. Many times when I try to bring up the DBA STudio, it locks up and I can't bring it out of it until I reboot, or go into the Task Manager and kill the Jrew.exe....

Has anyone had a problem with this, and do you know what is wrong?

Thanks for any info you might be able to offer , Cadence