Hello , I need help despartly.

I was running a stored preceedure and it came back with an error then I ran a commit by accident. Then the error I got was ORA-01591 lock held by in doubt distributed transaction.
So I check my error books and it told me to match the transaction number in the mesasge with the GLOBAL_TRAN_ID column of the dba_2pc_pending table, so I look and there was only one row, the transaction that it had locked by me. Our DBA is gone on vaction and stupid me delete that row from the dba_2pc_pending table thinking that would fix my problem, but it never I still get the same error and now I have nothing i the dba_2pc_pending table to even try to fix, I tried a rollback but that did not work. Does Anybody have any ideas??? I am really desparate.