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    Hello: I would like to know if there are any filesize limitations on Import/Export. I have a few segments that are larger than 2GB or infact close to 10GB. What is the best way to export these segments or move them to another instance. Secondly I have an instance which is very similar to a prod. The application here is of a different version and I need to compare the schema changes between 2 schemas in these 2 instances.. Is there any short cut way to do this. I mean any oracle tools..
    Thanks, ST

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    If you are moving the tables from one database to another, you should look into transportable tablespaces ifyou are using 8i.

    Another option is cross-network copies (create table a as select * from old_table@other_server.... or copy fromuser append.......).

    If you must use export/import, it can be done using unlabeled tapes, if your tape drives have sufficient capacity. I use this technique in Unix. It is supposed to be available for NT, but I haven't tried it.
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    For schema comparision you can try using

    Emabarcadero's schema manager.

    About export/Import the max I have been with is about 6 GB of database Information in the dump file.

    Usually when you export use a bigger rollback segment and make the rest of the rollback segment offline.once the dump file is ready when you import it will use the bigger rollback segment to perform the import and you will not run into errors this is what I do for my database.

    In fact I use one rollback segment of about 500 Mega bytes


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    Export file limits

    I seem to remember that Oracle still states that the max .dmp file size should not exceed 2 Gbytes. If anybody has different information please let us know. I've set up scripts to break the dmp file into smaller pieces as I have a few databases who's compressed export files exceed the 2Gbyte limit.

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    With 8i, you can specify multiple files of xM each. For example:
    exp system/manager file=a.dmp, b.dmp filesize=2000M full=y
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