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Thread: import is taking too much space

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    I have a user export dump of 9 MB of oracle 7.3.4 on SCO-UNiX.When I try to
    import into a exportor's default tablespace,it occupies the space of 500 Mb+
    200MB of index tablespace.but if I import into importer's default tablespace
    import takes the space of 1.3GB.

    Why it should be so.Import on both tablespaces are working fine.

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    That is interesting!
    How big is this tables in the tablespace?
    What are default parameters for tables/ablespaces?
    Did you make the option compress=y when you made an export?

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    Try these
    Check if the import stops for long time at
    some table while importing
    Check the storage parameters of those imported tables.
    Correct them if necessary in the original tables and then
    make a fresh export dump using "Compress=Y"

    Hope it wrks


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    I think compress=y is also the default if unspecified.

    I actually had an import that failed because of this.

    When set to compress=n the import worked.

    It seems the initial extent it was creating was too big. It doesn't seem like this parameter would affect the problem you are having but it can't hurt to try .

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