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Thread: Audit

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    Hi All,
    We have some critical report application. Some people were given the privilege to see it. But the report have some info that does not need to be printed. Is there any way we can track down who did what and when?

    Creating a view in this case will not help. Looking for tracking utilities in oracle. Can some one help? This is NT environment.

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    Who did what, you mean DML? Or you want to track SELECT stmt too?

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    You can certainly audit by session, access to specific objects...consult Oracle documentation on Auditing from OTN, lots of useful info there.

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    you can implement select level auditing on the tables that matter.

    once the init.ora has the audit_trail=true or OS for trace files
    you can run the following:

    audit select on schema.tablename;

    every time somebody selects from this table, an audit entry is generated.

    NOTE: watch auditing for a couple of things, inside the database the aud$ table is in the system tablespace, you might want to move it to another tbs to prevent the system tbs from filling up.
    Watch also, the performance impact for auditing. If you turn on too much auditing there can be something like a 25% perf. hit.

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