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    Thumbs up thanx zamial...


    thankx zamial.

    I am able to login to database. But I want to know why should I type emp@sid at user-name. Could U please let me know.
    where as for other users I need not to type like this.please help me.

    mustak ahmed

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    You have to say to wich database you want to connect. Because sqlplus is not asking for a db-name you have to add it behind the username.

    That is when your Oracle environment has not been set.

    If you export $ORACLE_SID=[sid] on a Unix OS before you start sqlplus you don't have to fill in the sid any more.

    So some unix users have added the export $ORACLE_SID=[sid] in there .profile. So that can explain why some of your users don't have to add the @sid...
    J.Jongman - DBA

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    Yep, environment variables.

    If you leave out the SID, it uses the SID set in your "ORACLE_SID" environment variable on UNIX and there is a similiar parameter on NT.

    If you don't have this set you msut specify the SID.

    In your case it may also be set to a different SID as you have multiple databases. Specifying the SID is a reasonable method of guaranteing you connect to the correct database.

    On UNIX type ' env|sort ' and look at what your ORACLE_SID variable is set to.

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