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    My rollback segment r03 has status = full if I query from v$rollstat, but at the same time the status is online from dba_rollback_segs. What does status = full mean? I have total of 4 rollback segments and the other three all have status = online from both v$rollstat and dba_rollback_segs.

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    status=full means that a transaction attempted to extend that RBS, but the extent allocation failed: ORA-01562. Until ALL transactions using that RBS are completed (commit or rollback), the status=full will persist. This is a "flag" for other transactions to use some other RBS.

    Possible solutions:

    1. Kill all processes using that RBS
    2. Take that RBS offline, then back online
    3. Add a datafile to the RBS - then even the transaction with the error can continue
    4. Bounce the database
    5. start a new transaction, and use that RBS explicitly:
    Set transaction use rollback segment seg_name;
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