I've implemented a class to execute host command from pl/sql and the related pl/sql interface to call it.
But now I've this problem testing it.
I connect to SQLPLUS with the same user used to load the class into the DB with loadJava and i call the store procedure to execute the metod in the class.
I simply want to call an exe file but I can't do it because by default the process look for it in ORACLE_HOME/dbs even if i connect to SQL PLUS with the OS owner of the exe file and from the path where it is located.
However before running the Store Procedure i do an !ls from SQL prompt i can see the files in the current work directory including my exe.
But running the Store Procedure it look for it in ORACLE_HOME/dbs.
What is the problem?
Is there any environment variable problem?
Please help me it's URGENT.