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Thread: mail from Oracle 7.3.4 db on AIX 4.3

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    Hi! I was hesitating about sending this message (itīs much more to do with sys administration), but anyway, letīs see if someone can give to me the right direction.
    In my env I have one AIX 4.3.3 F50 box with Oracle 7.3.4 and a Windows NT 4 SP6 as the mail server, running Exchange. I want to send mail from a procedure inside the database, but :

    a) the AIX box DONīT have an SMTP server, neither a DNS server (all the clients connects directly with sql*net, giving the IP of the AIX server)

    b) both the AIX box and the NT server are in the SAME sub-net (I ** CAN ** ping to AIX from NT, and vice versa, all right)

    c) I can send mail (with the mail command) to others AIX users, normally.

    Giving the conditions above, HOW I can send mail from AIX to the NT exchange server, WITHOUT install any programs more ?? Itīs possible ?
    I have seen many FAQs about this theme, but all of them was about hoe to send mail FROM windows TO an AIX server with AIX e-mail services, but I want the exact opposite.



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    First and the most importatnt thing is your Aix box should be listed on ur DNS Server and needs to have a smtp server.

    Once the above is done you can use the following from your Aix box to check wethear you can send a mail to your email id

    $ mail emailid

    Press ctrl + d after the above statment so you should be able to receive the message in ur Inbox

    And about sending email thru a procedure you can use

    UTL_SMTP facility



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    Santoshy, thank you for your reply ! I will not be able to follow your tips, because :

    a) I donīt want, if possible, install smtp server, See, I can even to telnet to the mail defautl port 25 in the Windows exchange server from AIX, using telnet 25 . SO, if possible, I want just "instruct" the AIX mail command to send the mail directly to the desired IP and port.
    As I can ping to this IP/port, and telnet to it too, I fell that it is possible, I just donīt know what AIX config file is needed, and how to do.

    b) Iīm on Oracle 7.3.4, so I canīt use the UTL_SMTP solution (AFAIK, it needs JAVA, and it is available only in 8i)

    See, I have right now a pipe and a daemon to run unix commands in my aix box, if I could config the mail correctly and be able to send mail from OS prompt, surely I will be able to do the same using my current daemon and pipe solution.


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    To send mail to an SMTP server ( for instance your exchange on NT ) you use sendmail. Normally sendmail uses DNS.
    However, i know that there is a way you can configure sendmail to work without DNS.
    Unfortunatly, I do not know how to do this. :-((

    I think this is a question that has to be solved by IBM support.

    You can also try to ask the people at http://www.unix.com .


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