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Thread: symbolic link

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    We have two init.ora files for our QA instance and startup is failing as the database is looking at the wrong file to start.

    1. $ORACLE_HOME/dbs has initqa.ora
    2. $ORACLE_ADMIN/pfile has iniqa.ora

    I need to create a symbolic link in $ORACLE_HOME/dbs to point to $ORACLE_ADMIN/pfile/initqa.ora

    I tried ln -s. It didn't create the link. Could someone give me the correct command? Thanks.

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    use IFILE in your dbs/init... file :

    so that way he will open dbs/initSID.ora, which is normal, and point to the righe one.

    PS : to create a link :

    ln -s target link_name

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    For the link:
    cd $ORACLE_HOME/dbs
    ln -s $ORACLE_ADMIN/pfile/initqa.ora .
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