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Thread: a bit urgent

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    i have a db set up on sun OS
    And my local machine in which the client xists is NT
    Now everytime we get a ascii file with data....throgh FTP ...and it is stored in a dir in the db server....

    And I run a script to upload this data into db using sql plus on my NT machine..

    The problem is that...the data file when it reaches to my place has a ^M character as suffix for all lines...

    Which is seen only If i go directly on to the server and open the file...
    and not whn i open the file in my NT env..

    is there a possibel was that when i open the file for read to load data through my plsql..i can check if this ^M char xists and yes..i can just omit it?

    I hope i am clear enuff

    thank you

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    use binary transfer mode

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    The easiest thing to do is to convert the file.. If you use A utility like PFE (Programmers file editor), open the file, choose save-as and select unix-format. The ^M's will dissapear.

    Failing that, you could do a pre-ckeck using plsql - open the file using UTL_FILE, read each line checking for instr(line, '^M') <>0.

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    Incorrect FTP mode

    As pointed out by Pipo,

    Use the right FTP mode to transfer files - Binary or Ascii
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    It is the didfference in the OS. Use the Solaris utils, dos2unix and unix2dos to convert files for the proper OS.

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    the easiest thing to do is to use binary ftp (just type bin under your ftop prompt)
    you also can use a sed or use a simple regular expression under vi :


    (note : you get ^M by doing Ctrl-V, then enter)

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