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Thread: Invalid Export File.Error:Imp-00010!

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    Hi all!

    1.I have an export file dump BA.DMP from Solaris v8.0 on CDROM with Oracle v8i .

    I tried to import into Oracle v8i on WINNT.Before Importing,I had created user BA and had assigned Default tablespace USERS and Temporary Tablespace TEMP to it on PGVL DB.

    Now when I had issued import command at command prompt as:



    After giving the buffer size and export file dump BA.DMP, Oracle gave this error:

    IMP-00010:not a valid Export file,header failed verification.
    Imp-0000: Import terminated unsuccessfully.

    Please let me know as to what went wrong with the Export File Dump on CDROM BA.DMP when I tried to import.



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    the cause for this error may be that:
    1. i do not think this is you problem, but if you are not transferring the file from one system to another in binary mode when useing ftp you get this.
    2. was a full export successfully performed, then compressed using pkzip? if so, i would recommend testing your export/import method using a smaller subset of the data without the compress to ensure the steps.

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