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    I have an Oracle table created. The field 'SourceID' which is now a number field in Oracle used to the Primary Key in Access.

    Now, I fished thru the forums to get this answer and the only thing that I found was use a sequence and a trigger, which I have no idea how to do.

    So, could somebody point me in the right direction by either sending some code (currently i do all adding, updating, etc from my local machine sql statements) and direct some docs.

    Thanks in advance.

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    SQL> create table xyz (id number(10), data varchar2(10));
    Table created.
    SQL> create sequence autonum ;
    Sequence created.
    SQL> select autonum.nextval from dual;
    SQL>  (OK, I skipped a couple steps here while I debugged my trigger.  The result is below)
    SQL> edit
    Wrote file afiedt.buf
      1  create or replace trigger xyz_bi before insert on xyz
      2  for each row
      3  begin
      4     select autonum.nextval into :new.id from dual;
      5* end;
    SQL> /
    Trigger created.
    SQL> desc xyz
     Name                                      Null?    Type
     ----------------------------------------- -------- ------------------
     ID                                                 NUMBER(10)
     DATA                                               VARCHAR2(10)
    SQL> insert into xyz (data) values ('Z');
    1 row created.
    SQL> insert into xyz (data) values ('Y');
    1 row created.
    SQL> insert into xyz (data) values ('X');
    1 row created.
    SQL> commit;
    Commit complete.
    SQL> select * from xyz;
            ID DATA
    ---------- ----------
             2 Z
             3 Y
             4 X
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