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Thread: distributed database

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    We have two databases A and B
    There is a application which access db B
    All application users have access to db B through sql (cannot block users from sql).
    Data changed/inserted in B should come to A
    May be we can create db link and synonyms.
    How to implement this any suggestions please

    Main idea is to prevent the data modification through sql prompt. and db A is setup with regular backups, so data will be backed up.

    thanks in advance

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    What is it you want exactly?
    You can prevent users from accessing tables by reveoking their priveileges on the tables.

    Inserts can also be prevented using Before insert/update triggers...

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    If you are dealing with two clone databases, set one up as hot standby in read only mode. Users can read the data there, say on server B. All update activity takes place on server A.

    Between role and object privileges and hot standby, changes can be minimized.
    Joseph R.P. Maloney, CSP,CDP,CCP
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