I'm trying to SEARCH for DISTINCT records in the database based upon a date field. For example, I want to group all records for July 26, 2001. Unfortunately the fields contain not only the date, but the time also. So when I run my query...

SELECT DISTINCT settle_dte FROM heloc_tracking WHERE settle_dte > TO_DATE('25.7.2001','DD.MM.YYYY') AND settle_dte < TO_DATE('27.7.2001','DD.MM.YYYY') ORDER BY settle_dte

...I get a result set of four different records with the same date but four different times.

7/26/2001 06:21:54
7/26/2001 08:43:21
7/26/2001 09:25:18
7/26/2001 12:23:08

How can I get the search to only look at the date part of the fields so when I SEARCH for DISTINCT records, I'll only get the one record.


Any ideas please?