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Thread: certification

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    Red face

    I have been developing internet applications using PL/SQL and a combination of Oracle Application Server and
    Orace 9iAS for the past 2 years. I work for a small company where pay is not, to say the least, very good. It has been good for my learning progress but it is time to move on. What I would like to know is where do I begin as far as certifications go. With my limited time of experiance, I figure my only chance is OCP.. I have quite a bit of knowledge in db tuning, web server tuning, a boat load of experience in designing internet applications using PL/SQL, iAS and whatever else it takes. (ie perl,php,c,mysql,etc...)

    What I can't do, is decipher the path,cost and direction I am supposed to go in order to take these certification exams etc..

    Maybe I'm missing the point and just can't read directions, but would someone mind giving me some advice.. I would really like to better myself and move on to bigger things..

    many thanks in advance..


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    Hey Billy; Well you certainley have a good foundation having coding experience with PL/SQL. I'm not sure how familiar you are with the OCP process but the first exam for either DBA or developer is SQL and PL/SQL. The others for DBA are Database Admin, Performance Tuning, Backup and Recovery, Network Admin. You can take them in any order you choose.

    A lot of people feel that in order to be a good DBA you should first be a Developer so maybe that is a good career path.

    In my case i worker Internal help desk for 2 1/2 years, got my OCP for Oracle 8 DBA and managed to get in with the Oracle Dept. in my company. They are slowly bringing me up to speed. Sure I'm lucky but it was a lot of hard work too.
    I went to a local tech school for their DBA program, studied hard, and took the exams (they are $125 each). There are plenty of resources out there to help you along the way but you will be shelling out some cash too. Books, exams, coffee, Rogaine, ect....

    Hope this helps

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    I am working on OCP and find it useful.

    If you have over two years in a position and have completed some projects, you do not need OCP to find a new job. This, of course, depends on your market conditions in your area.

    Two years in the same position is a long time in my opinion.

    Good luck.
    David Knight
    OCP DBA 8i, 9i, 10g

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    thanks so much for your replies.

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    Lightbulb Test discount

    Be sure to get a (free) otn.oracle.com account and use the discount code on there to get $25 off your tests. No need to pay full price.

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    Question Thanks and a question for

    Thanks for tip about the discount. I am just embarking on my OCP test taking oddessy, so every little bit helps.
    I also have a question for Mr. Hanky, you indicated that you: "went to a local tech school for their DBA program" and I notice that your profile list you in New Jersey. Could you please let me know what school you went to? I am looking into educational options and I need to make a decision this week. Use r_cullen@yahoo.com if you like.

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    Heh JH,

    Where is this discount code?

    I am a member of OTN but can find nothing about this.

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    From http://www.oracle.com/start/ocp/thankyou.html

    Oracle Certification 20% Discount
    Mention promotional code "S36" when you register for certification testing to receive your 20% discount.
    * Not available to customers in Japan

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    Jeff Hunter
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