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Thread: star_transformation_enabled = true

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    Can someone explain what this does in the pfile?

    star_transformation_enabled = true

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    it tells Oracle you are using a star schema design (data warehouse) and it will allow oracle to rewrite your query (during parsing?) to utilize the star schema architecture.

    I don't know how much it helps, but I couldn't see NOT using it.

    look at the docs for Datawarehousing. It's pretty self explained.

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    Here is the doc that could help you to undestand the star schema.

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    However - this only has benefit when dealing with an actual star schema. Oracle support just had us turn the option off (disclaimer: It was not I that turned it on - we are OLTP) - they suspect that it might be the cause of some problems. I am told there have been issues related to that option.

    - Chris

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