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    I have done a full hot database backup as shown below.
    However I have some questions about the backup .....

    1. Do I need to issue a 'alter system archivelog current' before I
    start to backup my archived redo logs?
    2. How do I backup incremental archived logs?
    3. Do I need to generate a log switch before ending the backup?
    4. It is recommended to compress the backup files?

    ....... Backup all the tablespaces .......

    alter tablespace USERS begin backup;
    host cp /data/users01.dbf /backup/users01.dbf.bak
    host compress -f /backup/users01.dbf.bak
    alter tablespace USERS end backup;

    ....... Backup all the archived redo logs .......

    host cp $ORACLE_HOME/arch/arch*.arc /backup/arch
    host compress -f /backup/arch/*

    ....... Backup contolfile .......

    alter database backup controlfile to '/backup/controlfile.bck';

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    Q1 => Yes to synchronize file headers
    Q2 => Using RMAN
    Q3 => Yes To Synchronize file Headers
    Q4=> I always keep backup in mutliple formats ( like compressed set and a file based set for quick recovery time )
    Hisham Nagia
    IT Manager For Development
    Oracle Consultant - OCP

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    Will it be a problem is I backup using the being/end backup at OS Level as well as RMAN backup individually? Will there be a crash or any problem?


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    Can anyone help please? Thanks!

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