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    An industry leader has recently retained Darwin Partners to provide them with an Oracle 11i Project Manager to work on a vital initiative. This project is being looked at as the key to aligning both the domestic and international business operations for the client. It represents the highest priority engagement for them and is extremely visible both internally and externally. The Infrastructure Team is creating a test environment to test different technologies as they roll them out for implementation within the company. The technologies they are looking to test for the Oracle 11i Applications are: Clustering, HP MC/ServiceGuard, Oracle Parallel Server (OPS), and file systems (due to lack of experience with their Oracle 8i databases). The databases will be approximately 4 Terabytes per instance. The servers will be a minimum of 2 SuperDomes and the applications layer will be on many heavily loaded N-Classes. You will be working with the Infrastructure Team (separate from the Application Team) to guide the client through the testing of all the different technologies being implemented, fill in the timelines, and decide what can be tested and when. This role will need to be a combination of both functional and technical expertise. They do not have the internal skillsets to help decide what in the applications needs to be and can be tested to be compatible with the infrastructure. You will also need to be able to work closely with the Application Team to make sure that the development and new technologies are compatible with a very large infrastructure. Finally, you will be in the unique position of being able to help define the architecture requirements. The technical environment is HP-UX (N class), Windows 2000 (not for mission critical systems), Precise, Oracle 11i (except for HRMS and Payroll), Oracle 8i (SuperDomes), and Oracle Parallel Server.

    Required Skills: Oracle 11i Architecture experience with three components: 1) database backend, 2) concurrent manager and applications, 3) understanding of three tier architectures; Oracle 8i experience (from an architecture standpoint); HP MC/ServiceGuard; Oracle Parallel Server (OPS) experience; Project Management.
    Desired Skills: EMC TimeFinder and SRDF experience.
    Please contact Paul Peters at

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    This posting is appropriate in the JOBS forum rather than in the administration forum. So I'm taking the liberty to move it to the jobs site.


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