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Thread: checkpoint?

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    checkpoint happened when:
    1. log_checkpoint_interval and timeout.
    2. alter system switch logfile
    3. log switch
    4. alter system checkpoint.
    5. db shutdown but not abort.

    what else?
    normally how often should we setup checkpoint
    half an hour?
    guru is on the way!!!!

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    Originally posted by beginner

    normally how often should we setup checkpoint
    half an hour?
    Depends, how much data can you lose?
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    Surely you shouldn't 'lose' any data!

    The frequency of your checkpoint will affect the time it takes the database to recover after a crash as more redo is required to bring the datafiles upto the current SCN.

    The frequency of your checkpointing should therefore be set to meet your Time to Recovery requirements.

    The more time between checkpoints the more redo required therefore the longer the recovery time.


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