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    Recently we came upon a situation where it would be best to install a snapshot using a database link to another server at our facility. We have been able to get the database link to work correctly through SQL Plus but only after doing an alter session set global_names= true. Otherwise, we get the ORA-02085 error.

    It seems that if I were to change my init.ora file to set the global_names = false, then I could resolve the error, but I don't know what kind of impact it would have on other scripts I have in place already.

    All of the databases I connect to are local to the facility where I work, so using global names really isn't necessary, but I'd hate to change the global_names parameter and have things fail on me.

    Any words of advice?

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    If you are using the global names, then your database link name has to be the same as the db instance name.


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    Setting global_names=false should not break anything. If you already have global_names = true, then by setting to false, you tell oracle that you don't care what another database is named when you create a db_link to it. To see what your exposure might be, query dba_db_links to see how many other links you have that might be affected.

    For reference, http://technet.oracle.com/docs/produ...ch155.htm#2946

    PS. I always explicitly set global_names=false...
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