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Thread: Web DB and Help

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    I wrote yesterday regarding a web site and Database I need to set up. As I said I am more the Unix/NT person, so your expertise is helpful as it will let me know what I need to look for when I hire a DBA. I had some further questions I need to ask. At the very bottom I'll post what I posted yesterday so you'll have an idea what I am talking about. (READ BELOW FOR SYOPSIS)


    I assume running Apache with Oracle will do the trick. Is this the best option?

    Oracle 9iAS
    Java/html Front end

    I owuld prefer to run Solaris/Oracle 9ias/Sun IPlanet Web Server. Is this an OK combination?

    Can someone please give me an estimate on how many hours it would take an experienced DBA and Web Designer to put this together?

    I don't know much about Oracle, is the above software good for the project, is there a certain version, is there a certain licenses (user) I should be concerned with? What is the current approxiate cost?

    Will I run into issues with Java support given Microsoft not supporting it? Or is this just basic Java Script? This has to be compatable with IE 5.X

    How much daily or weekly upkeep would this take by a DBA?

    How much daily or weekly upkeep would this take by and operations person who just runs clean up scripts and such?

    Thanks very much!


    I am a Unix/NT Administrator, and have been for a few years. My field of experience does not lie withi DB, but I have a need to assist in setting up a web site with an integrated DataBase. I am hoping someone would give me an idea if I am going about this correctly and give me some ideas.

    I need to create a DataBase for use with a web site. The database will do two seperate things.

    For the User:
    The will use a web for to create a user id and password and enter information. They will also be able to log back in an edit their information. They will enter information using input fields, radio button, lists, and check boxes. There will be maybe 15 - 20 peices of information per user.

    For the Client:
    They will be sent a username and password we create for them. They will log in specify maybe 3-5 search criteria and the system will return the results. Starting with users who met all the requirements to those who met only one of the requirements.

    For the administrator:
    We should be able to create client ID's and password, remove and listings we wish, remove ID's and password, and do general maintenece.

    I assume this is a very simple and easy system to implement. It is not very complicated. The capcity of users is one issue. There can be anywhere from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands of users. This is why I am thinking that I will have to host my own datacenter rather then rent a system from someone. Please share any ideas or comments you may have.

    I am thinking of running a T1 into a router then into a Sun Server with Solaris 8 and Oracle. Of course I would have to hire a DBA to design and integrate the DB, but I am not really worried out that.

    Also, please comment if you have any experience with regards to having a system like this hosted or in-house.

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    Please continue the related posting on one thread:



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