Hello all ,

today i was defragmenting my fragmented tables .....

i defragmented my objects by
1) taking a full export of the user
2) dropping the user (cause a lot of the objects in this user were fragmented)
3) recreating the user (this user had a locally managed tablesapce as its default tablespace)
4) importing the users' object back.

now i ran my query (to check for fragmentation) again , but saw that the object showed the same fragmentation intensity.

now this was a peculiar site , as i had done this before , and got the desired defragmentation.

So now what i did was ,
1) i droped the user again.
2) i droped the locally managed tablespace
3) i recreated the user with a dictionary managed tablespace as its default tablespace.
4) i imported the users objects

this time i ran the query and found that the objects were defragmented (and i was happy again)

So here i concluded that when objects are stored in a locally manged tablespace , they cannot be defragmented , but when they are stored in a dictonary managed tablespace , they can be defragmented.