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Thread: using multiple dump files in export while compressing

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    We compress(while running the export, not compressing afterwards) our export dump file during the export run so it could stay below the 2G limit. Now even the compressed file exceeds 2G. I know in 8i you can use more than one dump file by specifying in file=exp.dmp1,exp.dmp2... But how do I do this while compressing at the same time?

    The part of script we use now is:

    mknod $HOME/$DAY$1 p
    compress -f <$HOME/$DAY$1> $HOME/$DAY$1.Z&
    exp parfile=$HOME/genexp$1.par file=$HOME/$DAY$1 log=$HOME/exp$1.log$XDAY

    So basically

    mknod file.dmp p
    compress -f file.dmp.Z&
    exp parfile=parfile file=file.dmp

    So how do I add a second dmp file to this script so I can have a second compressed dmp file when the first one exceeds 2G?


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    Ah, time for some smoke and mirrors.

    We got around this problem by starting several named pipes and then accessing those named_pips in the files= clause.

    For example:
    #setup the pipes and file list
    NUM_NP="1 2 3 4 5"
    for i in $NUM_NP
       rm -f /tmp/exp_${i}
       /etc/mknod /tmp/exp_${i} p
       compress < /tmp/exp_${i} > $DMP_FILE &
       if (( $i == 1 )); then
    #do the export
    exp / file=$FILE_LIST filesize=8000M  ...
    # kill any pipes that didn't get used
    for i in $NUM_NP; do
       kill %$i
    We had to futz with the 8000M to get out .Z files somewhere around 2G, but we got pretty close.

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    Why not use the split command to break the compressed dmp file into manageable chunks?

    for example (requires lots of tidying, path names etc.)...

    mknod exp_pipe p
    mknod compress_pipe p

    # start a compress process, listening on the named pipe
    # that the export process will write to, output the compressed
    # export to another pipe for 'split' to pick up. Note, start
    # process in background, so it can sit and wait for the export
    compress < exp_pipe > compress_pipe &

    # start a split process, listening on the named pipe that the
    # compress process writes to. This process will split the
    # incoming data into 2047MB chunks, called xaa, xab, xac etc.
    # see the man page on split for how to change the output file
    # names.
    split -b2047m < compress_pipe &

    # perform the export, writing to the first named pipe
    exp / file = exp_pipe ...



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