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    I am facing core dump. I don't what causing the core dump but in trace file it showed me this procedure call caused core dump. Can a procedure cause a core dump.
    Procedure is
    'SLMDTEMPRP3', 110.0, 2001.0, 4
    .0, 'S4347-1', 'FRTANA', 'A', 'CITY', 'CITY', 'N', :REC_CUR);
    i am calling my stored procedure from segate's crystel reports.

    i am using cursor variable in this procedure.
    Please help me as i am lot of problem due to this core dump.

    Vipan Sharma

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    what causes a core dump..............well hundrends of things.the general rule is when an application tries to do something that the os dosent like for example trying to acesses data from a loaction thru a null pointer stepping into another memory space etc....

    you will have to debug the core file and look for more info....
    usually this is difficult can use gdb on linux for example i am not aware about other unix flavours....

    but you can get teh help of oracle support if you can send them the core....they will help you to interpret it properly.

    look here for more info


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