What means snapshot to old
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Thread: What means snapshot to old

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    hi gurus,

    I have a question. When occurs the following error:

    ORA-01555: snapshot too old: rollback segment number 3 with name "RBS2" too smal

    And know. What must i do to solve this problem.
    At the moment i don't understood it.
    I have a RBS Tablespace and in it are 7 RBS Segments.
    The RBS Tablespace can have a max. great from 2GB and all Segments can also take max 2GB.
    At the DBA-Studio i can see that the RBS-Tablespace have had in the past max 1880MB. So the RBS Segement could take more space but why not.
    At the Moment the RBS Tablespace has physikalish take 1880 MB but all Segments together have take only 28MB (Logic).
    Thats are right because all Segments have an optimal graeat from 4 MB.
    I don#T understood this error.
    Must i put more RBS-Tablespace with more segments to the db.

    Thanx for the help
    Best Regards
    Thomas Schmidt

    If you have no aims, you will never reach a goal !!!

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    Hello tom

    Have a look here where steve has explained about roll-back segments.



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