Hi Friends,

I have 25 RBS
looking in DBA_Segments, the are all different sizes and all have a different high water mark, they are not set to an optimal size yet and all have the same storage parameters(Initial, next, min, max)

When the subject of increasing rollback segments is discussed, what does this actually mean.
I always thought that rollback segments were dynamic and would grow and shrink dependant on their storage parameters, only limited by the size of the tablespace they live in or their max extents.

Does increasing the size of RBS mean giving them a larger optimal size, or larger amount of min extents ?


What is the advantage of issuing :-
Set transaction use rollback segment XXXXX. -
I always thought that this would allow a session to maybe use a large RBS for a large transaction, but as all RBS's are dynamic an would grow/shrink depending upon the transaction and optimal size, would it not be equally as proficient to use any rollback segment /

Someone Please enlighten me.

The reason I am asking is because I have been asked to increase RBS size by a pseudo DBA, who is my senior and I need to be armed with a more clearer understading of them before I tackle this subject.

Many Thanks