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Thread: moving data in datafile to another along with the oracle user

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    dear friends

    please help me in this situation.

    the situation is like this

    1. dba_users

    username | default tablespace

    a | a_data
    b | b_data

    2. tablspace and datafile:

    tablespace_name| datafile

    a_tablespace | d:\data\a_data.dbf
    b_tablespace | d:\data\b_data.dbf

    My requirement :

    1. I want to alter user a and set default tablespace as b_data.
    ( This can be done just by alter user .... deafult tablespace...)
    2. i have to drop the tablespace a_data along with physically removing the file, before doing this i want to move all the tables and data relating to user a(tablespace a_data) to tablespace b_data.

    i dont want to use export and import. Can this be done without taking logical backup and importing the same. Please help me out in this matter and i will be very greatful to you all. I am using Oracle 8.0.5 on NT.

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    you can do :
    alter table [table] move tablespace [new tablespace]

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