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    Hai Freinds,
    When I'm trying to install Oracle in Linux 7.0. I don't find the runInstaller file in the Oracle CD. May be this has an executable in a different name. Can anybody give me more insight into this. Thanks in advance.



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    Nor RedHat and Suse Linux 7.0 (you didn't specify) are supported with Oracle 8.0.5. Try with a Linux kernel version 2.0.33 or a later release of Oracle.


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    I would like to suggest you download ORACLE 8i Enterprise from Oracle website instead. Is there any specific reason you are trying 8.0 instead? The latter is desupported by Oracle, and 8i install on Linux is relatively very easy.

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    redhat 7+ora8i = wasted time

    I have tried fruitlessly to get oracle 8i and redhat 7 to work together. I wouldn't suggest you toy with that, however, oracle 9i and redhat 7.1 (seawolf) worked just fine. Redhat 6.x and oracle 8/8i go over pretty well too. The 9i install on redhat 6 has been done to death, but here are some helpful notes on 9i, if you live on the edge

    2 caveats:
    1) read the docs. 9i requires java 1.3.1 and because of that, you MUST use either a patche glibc and compat c++ lib, or 7.1 out of the box.

    2) I had some problem with the web downloaded 9i (libclntsh.so would not extract), so I had to manually unjar the file and place it under ORACLE_HOME/lib (the error was actually uncovered during the running of $ORACLE_HOME/plsql/lib/ins_plsql.mk) If you get an error about the script, do an 'updatedb', then do a 'locate clntsh'. Then, jar xvf the jarfile that locate returns. and hit the retry button in the runInstaller window.

    Oh, and the installer is a big memory hog. It uses every bit of 512MB ram..... make sure you have enough, or linux will kill the installer at 4:00 am. It is HEARTLESS

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