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Thread: QUOTA Problem

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    I have a problem here. I have an USER suppose "A". I want to restrict that user from creating any objects in SYSTEM tablespace.

    How do I do this. I have tried

    alter user A quota 0 on SYSTEM;

    alter system set resource_limit = true;

    But still that user is able to create tables in SYSTEM tablespace and populate rows. Please help me out.....



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    Perhaps the user's default tablespace and temporary tablespace are set to SYSTEM.

    1. Log in as DBA
    2. Determine the default and temporary tablespaces for
    the user from the DBA_USERS view

    3. If set to SYSTEM,

    ALTER USER joe default tablespace USERS;
    ALTER USER joe temporary tablespace TEMP;

    Good luck.
    David Knight
    OCP DBA 8i, 9i, 10g

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    Check your user's system privileges: I'm sure your user has been granted UNLIMITED TABLESPACE privilege, that is why setting his quota on SYSTEM to 0 has had no effect.

    Isue "REVOKE UNLIMITED TABLESPACE FROM A;" and check if he is still able to create objects in SYSTEM tablespace.
    Jurij Modic
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