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Thread: runaway processes on UNIX

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    I an running on unix aix 4.3.2. I reboot nightly. But everyday there are multiple oracle processes getting created. I am the only one logged onto this server. I am also trying to set up the oem 2.1 on my local nt machine to connect to this server.

    Does anyone know whats going on.

    Example ps -ef|grep oracle, there are too many to list.

    oracle 13678 1 0 07:03:30 - 0:08 oracletst001 (LOCAL=NO)
    oracle 13934 1 0 07:03:29 - 0:00 oracletst001 (LOCAL=NO)
    oracle 14190 1 1 07:03:31 - 0:16 oracletst001 (LOCAL=NO)
    oracle 14448 1 0 07:03:50 - 0:23 oracletst001 (LOCAL=NO)
    oracle 14706 1 0 07:03:54 - 0:01 oracletst001 (LOCAL=NO)
    oracle 14964 1 4 07:03:55 - 6:48 oracletst001 (LOCAL=NO)
    oracle 15222 1 0 07:04:12 - 0:04 oracletst001 (LOCAL=NO)


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    Dear Kburrows, 1st July 2001 14:43 hrs chennai

    This 2 links i think would help you to learn why so many process are running.


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    We had similar problem with one of our products, which runs runform from a shell script on terminals and RF devices. Without giving any company secrets here is the result of our research:


    When a userís session is disconnected, by switching off terminal or RF Hand held unit, an Oracle runaway process is left running. Oracle PMON is not cleaning up the orphan process properly. This is a known Oracle issue manifesting itself on all Unix platforms.

    Refer to the following Document IDís available on Oracle Metalink support site:
    DOC ID: 1370.996

    System/Business Implications
    The runway processes will be using system memory, resulting in degradation of the system ability to support the applicationís performance.


    To track and terminate any child process created out of a parent shell process, when the parent process is exited abnormaly, add anew line of code as follows to the parent shell process:

    #!/bin/ksh Ėe

    This will handle processes identified by a Unix process ID, including Oracle runform sessions.

    To handle any other orphan process, a script named is run as a cron job on 15 minutes intervals.
    Sorry, I can not post the script. However you can write similar one yourself.

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