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    1) In Oracle8 Backup and Recovery, it says to back up archived log files created during the hot backup.
    Many scripts I've seen for hot backups don't include this. Is it necessary ?
    How would I generate a script to backup just these log files ?

    2) I know that if I have a hot backup, I don't technically need the old archived log files, but that assumes the latest hot backup is valid. What are the recommendations for backing up old archived log files? This doesn't appear to be mentioned as part of normal backup procedures.


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    If you are doing a hot backup it is necessary to back up the archive logs in case you need to do a point-in-time recovery. To generate a script to backup the archive logs is that you pass a O/S specific command to copy the archive logs to a backup directory. In my scripts I move the archive logs to a directory every hour during the day and then when my online backup runs (early morning) I copy all those logs to the backup directory. Let me know if you want me to attach the script.
    Hopefully, this helps.


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    yes you do need to back these up.

    1) Under Unix you can search for specific log files based on time stamp and copy only those that fall within a certain period of time (ie., find //*.* -mtime 0). That's one way of doing it. You need play around with it and make some assumptions about the length of time your backup takes unless you execute the archive search after the backup finishes and you have forced a logfile switch.

    2) For us we backup the archive area each night for a month then we cycle through the process again. For us, we determined that we would not need archive logs from month to month. But thats a decision that took us some time to make given out environment and needs.


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