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    Hi there,

    I have created a database (8.1.6) on WindowsNT, and I have BACKGROUND_DUMP_DEST set to c:\oracle\admin\vpdev\bdump in the initVPDEV.ora file.

    However, there is no ALERT file there - Oracle does not seem to write one to this directory. Am i missing something that i need to set?

    Please help - this has never happened before.

    Thanks, KA

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    just to double-check (that the correct init file is in use) try this --

    select value from v$parameter where name = 'background_dump_dest';

    If this still points to the directory you mentioned above then --

    Try to do a log switch (so that it writes to the Alert file) --

    alter system switch logfile;

    and then search for the recently modified files on NT

    - Rajeev
    Rajeev Suri

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