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    Jul 2000
    Hi all

    i ren into this strange problem, looked at the metalink and found no reference. the problem started a few days ago after a long time that i'v used the designer. the problem is: when i start the oracle designer main window it creates a lock on 2 objects - RM$DEFERRED_CHECKS, RM$DEFERRED_QUERIES. when i try to connect to any tool from the main window (say repository manager), it gets stock. looking at the db i found i have another lock on RM$DEFERRED_CHECKS.
    i ren this select:

    select a.object_name, a.status, b.oracle_username, b.os_user_name,c.sid, c.serial#,c.terminal, d.sql_text
    from sys.dba_objects a,
    v$locked_object b,
    v$session c,
    v$sqltext d
    where a.object_id = b.object_id
    and c.sid = b.session_id
    and c.sql_hash_value = d.hash_value

    and found that the statment that created the first lock is:
    begin rmmes.clear; jr_context.set_workarea(:IRID); end;
    the transaction waiting for this look is:

    i also found that if i do alter system kill session for the first session that created the lock, the tool i'm strying to start finally wakes up and i can work with it.

    i'll be thankfull for any lead that will help me find out how to correct this problem.

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    Mar 2001
    the main question is which Designer do you use.
    If You use the disigner6 than i can tell you this is vvery buggy.
    On Oracle there is an patch for the Designer6
    Best Regards
    Thomas Schmidt

    If you have no aims, you will never reach a goal !!!

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    Jul 2000
    Hi tomate

    you are right, i forgot to post the version of the designer. the version is and configuration version is 4.0.12

    hope this helps in any way. if some one can tell me the path number for that patchs i need to applay, i'm somewhat confused with the issue.


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