Hi there,
ok, Platform is NT4, SP5.
Database is 8.1.7
PC 256 Mb ram, 800Mhz, 6+gb free.

I have an 8.1.7 database on this machine. I installed Dev & Designer 6i into a new oracle home as instructed by the install guide.

Now when i run svrmgrl it fails to work properly, even after I use the Oracle Home Selector for the installer to point at the 8i home of the database.

In Svrmgrl I get:
Microsoft(R) Windows NT(TM)
(C) Copyright 1985-1996 Microsoft Corp.

C:\>set oracle_sid=o01d


Oracle Server Manager Release - Production

Copyright (c) 1997, 1999, Oracle Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Oracle8i Enterprise Edition Release - Production
JServer Release - Production

SVRMGR> connect internal
SVRMGR> startup
ORA-01081: cannot start already-running ORACLE - shut it down first
SVRMGR> shutdown
ORA-01034: ORACLE not available

In sqlplus I get similar when I connect internal

SQL*Plus: Release - Production on Mon Jun 25 09:49:49 2001
(c) Copyright 2000 Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.
SQL> startup
LRM-00109: could not open parameter file
ORA-01078: failure in processing system parameters

Any ideas?