I have two servers, one with the target database and the other with the the recovery catalog. When I am making a bacuk up do I backup to the recovery catalog machine, I assume I do but when I try I get the following.

C:\>rman target="sys/manager@zgts-cluster2" rcvcat="rman/rman@rman"

Recovery Manager: Release - Production

RMAN-06005: connected to target database: PICIS_DB (DBID=1703831024)
RMAN-06008: connected to recovery catalog database

RMAN> run {
2> allocate channel ch1 type disk;
3> backup
4> format='d:\backupfiles\%t.%d.%s.%p'
5> database;
6> release channel ch1;
7> }

RMAN-03022: compiling command: allocate
RMAN-03023: executing command: allocate
RMAN-08030: allocated channel: ch1
RMAN-08500: channel ch1: sid=10 devtype=DISK

RMAN-03022: compiling command: backup
RMAN-03023: executing command: backup
RMAN-08008: channel ch1: starting full datafile backupset
RMAN-08502: set_count=2 set_stamp=433000241 creation_time=21-JUN-01
RMAN-08010: channel ch1: specifying datafile(s) in backupset
RMAN-08522: input datafile fno=00007 name=D:\ORACLEDATA\PCS_RT_INDXS.DBF
RMAN-08522: input datafile fno=00008 name=D:\ORACLEDATA\PCS_RT_DATA.DBF
RMAN-08522: input datafile fno=00010 name=D:\ORACLEDATA\PCS_CARE_INDXS.DBF
RMAN-08522: input datafile fno=00009 name=D:\ORACLEDATA\PCS_CARE_DATA.DBF
RMAN-08522: input datafile fno=00012 name=D:\ORACLEDATA\PCS_COMMON_INDXS.DBF
RMAN-08522: input datafile fno=00001 name=F:\ORACLE\ORA817\DATABASE\SYSPICIS.ORA
RMAN-08011: including current controlfile in backupset
RMAN-08522: input datafile fno=00002 name=F:\ORACLE\ORA817\DATABASE\PCS_TEMP01.DBF
RMAN-08522: input datafile fno=00011 name=D:\ORACLEDATA\PCS_COMMON_DATA.DBF
RMAN-08522: input datafile fno=00013 name=D:\ORACLEDATA\PCS_LABS_INDXS.DBF
RMAN-08522: input datafile fno=00014 name=D:\ORACLEDATA\PCS_LABS_DATA.DBF
RMAN-08522: input datafile fno=00015 name=D:\ORACLEDATA\PCS_PREOP_DATA.DBF
RMAN-08522: input datafile fno=00016 name=D:\ORACLEDATA\PCS_PREOP_INDXS.DBF
RMAN-08522: input datafile fno=00017 name=D:\ORACLEDATA\PCS_EXTERNAL_DATA.DBF
RMAN-08522: input datafile fno=00018 name=D:\ORACLEDATA\PCS_EXTERNAL_INDXS.DBF
RMAN-08522: input datafile fno=00019 name=F:\RMAN\RMANDATA.DBF
RMAN-08522: input datafile fno=00003 name=F:\ORACLE\ORA817\DATABASE\PCS_RBS_01.DBF
RMAN-08522: input datafile fno=00004 name=F:\ORACLE\ORA817\DATABASE\PCS_RBS_02.DBF
RMAN-08522: input datafile fno=00005 name=F:\ORACLE\ORA817\DATABASE\PCS_RBS_03.DBF
RMAN-08522: input datafile fno=00006 name=F:\ORACLE\ORA817\DATABASE\PCS_RBS_04.DBF
RMAN-00571: ===========================================================
RMAN-00569: =============== ERROR MESSAGE STACK FOLLOWS ===============
RMAN-00571: ===========================================================
RMAN-03007: retryable error occurred during execution of command: backup
RMAN-07004: unhandled exception during command execution on channel ch1
RMAN-10035: exception raised in RPC: ORA-19504: failed to create file "d:\backupfiles\433000241.PICIS_DB.2.1"
ORA-27040: skgfrcre: create error, unable to create file
OSD-04002: unable to open file
O/S-Error: (OS 3) The system cannot find the path specified.
RMAN-10031: ORA-19624 occurred during call to DBMS_BACKUP_RESTORE.BACKUPPIECECREATE

Any ideas?