We have been trying to create an application user that would have just select and execute rights on the objects by dev-user. After encountering problems during our creating of synonyms (Oracle 8 does not allow synonyms for user-defined types), we just created the user_derfined types under the app-user as well.

Upon executing some packages which make reference to these types, we have the errors: ora 06550, pls-0306. This only happens when reference is made to one type: id_array

I created the arrays with the follwoing commands:

create type id_array as varray (10000) of number
create type string_array as varray (10000) of varchar2(254)

References to string _array work fine. Also if we login and run the packages with the dev-user, it works, but whe we login as the app-user, the id_array gives an error.

Nirasha Jaganath