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Thread: Oracle 8i lite

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    Can some body give some info on Oracle 8i lite.

    Is this a personal Oracle or some thing else

    Thank you

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    Oracle8i Lite is a fully blown lighter version of oracle for the PDAs. The oracle personal, is a striped version of oracle where most of the functionalities would be removed from that of the enterprise version to support the individual.

    The below mentioned link talks about the Oracle8i lite. I had a good link that distinguishes the two, if I could find it I'll post it here.

    Hope this would help you.

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    in Oracle Lite there are no tablespaces, no rollback segments, no maintenance whatsoever. The datafile are plain DBF. Oracle Lite is used in many applications where the purpose of the application is to automate the sale force. I havent tried on a PDA but I have worked with Lite in Labtops, where the sales representative collects orders from customers then from internet or phone line replicate these orders to the central database. Advanced Replication... kind of a pain with conflicts resolutions!

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