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Thread: Connect to another database thru PL/SQL

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    I have tested that I am able to connect to the database in another server B from server A using SQLPlus. I need to use PL/SQL to do the connection too, in order to call the procedure in server B from server A.

    May i know how do I go about doing it please? Thanks!

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    You can not connect to another database through PL/SQL.

    If you only want to call procedure residing in server B from server A, then you only need to create database link between the two database and call that procedure from within your session on server A.
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    In addition to jmodic's comments, using PL/SQL - you can create a stored procedure on server A that has a call to the procedure on Server B using a dblink - and you can call that procedure on server A anywhere you want including any other PL/SQL unit, form trigger etc.,

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    Hi all,

    I have got it, thanks!

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