Query 'dba_' tables through PL/SQL
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Thread: Query 'dba_' tables through PL/SQL

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    Why am I not able to access dba_ tables from PL/SQL procedures or package bodies? The user has dba privileges. Am I only capable of doing this through an anonymous block?

    In a different database I am able to create a db link back its own db in order to access its dba_ tables. this is also not possible in the initial db - receives the following errors:

    ORA-04052-error occured whe looking up remote object BDOPS.DBA_DATA@BDOP_LINK.WORLD
    ORA-00604-error occurred at recursive SQL level 1
    ORA-02085-database link BDOP_LINK.WORLD connects to BDOP.WORLD

    db name = BDOP
    schema owner = BDOPS
    db link = BDOP_LINK.WORLD

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    In stored procedures roles are disabled. You need SELECT privileges for the DBA_ tables granted directly to the owner of the procedure or to PUBLIC, not through a role.

    Probably the GLOBAL_NAMES parameter in your init.ora is TRUE. If this parameter is TRUE, the name of the database link has to be the same as the name of the remote database.

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