RMAN newbie needs help
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Thread: RMAN newbie needs help

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    I am trying to setup RMAN for the first time and I looking on a doc from metalink. NOTE:106432.1

    The doc is saying assuming that I have a database called RCAT and another one called PROD.
    Currently I have 2 databases (DATA1,DATA2).
    What I do not understand is, do I need to create a third database called RCAT like how I created the 2 databases that I already have?

    e.g do I need to create RCAT like creating a database like this:

    create database RCAT
    maxdatafiles 200
    maxlogfiles 20
    maxlogmembers 5
    maxloghistory 500
    character set "US7ASCII"
    datafile '/ora1/o2/RCAT/system_RCAT01.dbf' size 200M
    logfile '/ora1/o3/RCAT/redo_RCAT01.log' size 5M,
    '/ora1/o4/RCAT/redo_RCAT02.log' size 5M;

    create rollback segment RBS_TEMP tablespace SYSTEM
    storage (initial **** next **** minextents ** maxextents **);
    alter rollback segment RBS_TEMP online;

    create tablespace RBS
    datafile '/ora1/o5/RCAT/rbs_RCAT.dbf' size 100M
    default storage (initial ** next ** minextents ** pctincrease **);


    Is that the way? If not can somebody explain


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    There is no need to create the 3rd database.U have got 2 databases with u i.e DATA1 and DATA2. U can always use the alternate databases for recovery catalog ie.
    DATA1(primary database) DATA2(recovery catalog)
    DATA1(recovery catalog) DATA2(primary database)

    What Oracle says is that u need atleast 2 databases to take the advantage of RMAN.So in case ur primary database fails u can use RMAN to recover the failed database since RMAN will get the information about the backup of the primary database from the other database catalog.

    In case of any help please be free to ask me at rohitsn@altavista.com

    Rohit Nirkhe,Oracle DBA,OCP 8i

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