urgent help needed to find ini_trans and max_trans
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Thread: urgent help needed to find ini_trans and max_trans

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    I am looking for the INITRANS and the MAXTRANS for a table that is partitioned. I queried dba_tables but the ini_trans and max_trans columns came out empty.
    When I checked dba_tab_partitions, I found out that each partition has it's ini_trans and max_trans.
    Is there any reason why I can not find the ini_trans and max_trans for the table it self instead of the partitions?

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    Yes, there is a reason. Each of the partitions can have different physical attributes settings, so it is only logical to store this settings for each partition separately in the data dictionary. Remember that those attributes are assigned for the whole segment and a table is a segment only if it is not partitioned. If it is partitioned then each partition is a separate segment.

    Suppose you have a table with two partitions, each having different physical attributes. Which of the two values should then be stored in dba_tables?
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    I think one of the partition's datafiles is corrupted so, I'm trying to find out.
    I did ANALYZE TABLE .. VALIDATE STRUCTURE CASCADE and I am getting this output
    ORA-14058. Can you tell me how to work around this?

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