Please help on this issue:

db_file_name_convert for multiple mount point

I am working on creating a standby database. The problem I have is how the parameter, db_file_name_convert converting from multiple mount points.

The the datafiles in the primary:

The projected datafiles in the standby is a single mount for the test purpose:

/www/oradata/dbt2/ tools01.dbf
/www/oradata/dbt2/ rbs01.dbf

db_file_name_convert converts only one mount point to one mount point. I have tried some different format and failed for converting more than one point,

in the init.ora

1)work: db_file_name_convert = /u02, /www

2)failed: db_file_name_convert = /u02, /www
db_file_name_convert = /u03, /www
3)failed: db_file_name_convert = (/u02, /www; /u03, /www; K..)

4)failed: db_file_name_convert = (/u02, /www /u03, /www K..)

The error for all the failed :
SVRMGR> startup nomount pfile = /opt/app/oracle/admin/dbt2/pfile/initdbt2.ora
ORA-01678: parameter db_file_name_convert must be two strings, a pattern and a replacement