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    Am having a master-detail relation btn a master block and a detail block.......Master block has a composite Primary Key. Can i Pass two conditions in Pre-Query to execute my query i.e. to fetch all the detail records....Passing one condition works in Pre-Query......If i pass two conditions it doesn't work.......
    Is there any other way to fetch the detail records besides using Cursor ?? I want to know if it is possible use Pre-query to execute the detail records when two conditions r passed.....Do let me know pl.


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    I normally use the POST-QUERY. It seems to cause me less pain.

    Can you supply an example of the one condition and two condition so we can help suggest a solution.

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    Unless I'm getting the wrong end of the stick, all you have to do is create a Relationship between the two blocks and Forms will create all the functionality itself. You can have more than one field when defining a relationship.

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