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    I am Raju C padaria from INDIA. I have been using ORACLE 8.0.4 on AIX 4.3 with Windows NT 4.0 Client. Following is my oracle table space layout allocated to different users initially.

    Now I need to reorganise one of the tablespaces (prdtst). The size of 'prdtst' tablespace is 100 MB. I need to reduce 100 MB from 'prod' tablespace & add it to 'prdtst' tablespace. How can I make it ?
    Kindly guide me in this regard as I am new DBA.

    Tablespace Size (Mb) Free (Mb) % Free
    -------------------- --------------- ----------- ------
    FIN 200 107 54
    HRD 300 56 19
    MRKT 100 45 45
    MTRL 100 25 25
    PRDTST 50 25 51
    PROD 500 285 57
    QA 150 119 79
    Thank U well in advance.

    Raju C Padaria (Padariar@fag.co.in)

    FAG Bearings INDIA Limited

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    This is one possible solution.

    You can shrink one or more datafiles from the PROD tablespace. For example

    alter database db datafile '/oracle/oradata/prod01.dbf
    resize 50m;

    If there is more than 50m being used the statement will return an error.

    If you have dbastudio running, you can see the amount of free space in each file and this will make you job easier.

    After you have enough space, you can extend one of the files in the PRDTST tablespace. Suppose it is currently prdtst01.dbf is currently 50m

    alter database
    datafile '/oracle/oradata/prdtst01.dbf resize 150m;

    Good luck.

    David Knight
    OCP DBA 8i, 9i, 10g

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