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Thread: grant priviledge on procedure

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    I need a help. I got a procedure. I want to grant priviledge to someone else so that they can make changes on the procedure. But I am not sure how to do it.
    Thanks a lot!

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    Hi, U can use with Grant Option
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    In order to give access to the procedure so that the other user can make changes is to .The SYS user should give him ALTER ANY PROCEDURE system privelege.And u as a user should give him EXECUTE PRIVELEGE on the procedure.
    If the procedure contains undelying tables in ur schema,then u should also grant him necessaty privliges on the tables to that user.

    for e.g.
    Say a procedure proc1 is in SCOTT schema.And u want to give him access to make changes to the procedure as well as run that procedure to user A

    Step 1)Connect as sys and
    grant alter any procedure to A;

    Step2)Connect as user SCOTT and
    grant execute on proc1 to A;

    if the procedure is accessing some tables in SCOTT schema,u have to grant the necessary priveleges on the underlying tables to user A also,

    In case of any doubts please be free to ask me at

    Rohit Nirkhe,Oracle DBA,OCP 8i

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    thank's a lot for the answers guys!


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