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Thread: Steps in System Development Life Cycle..

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    Hi Fellows,

    Can any one please describe the steps in a System Development Life Cycle for any kind of System or application.

    Please describe me in details or Give me any reference or Link where I would e able to see that.

    Thnak a lot... Just he steps in Full Life Cycle or SDLC.

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    Any LINK or Assistance Please...

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    I just did a cursory search, and I was stunned at how many duplications there were of the same three slide shows!

    Here's one that seemed more in-depth, but some of it loads slowly:
    Oracle DBA and Developer

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    The stages in system development life cycle are as follows

    1) Analysis

    This stage you check weather the system is feasable or not
    Depending on the above step you go to the next stage or you dont

    2) Design

    This stage is when you decide the system is feasable you start looking at the user's requirements and start designing the System.

    3) Development

    The is the stage in which the development takes place like deveoping the software

    4) Testing

    The most important phase where the user's and testing team test the software if it not up to the mark before the realease date it is passed back to the development team this is like loop until and unless the Testing team certifies it it cannot go to the next stage

    5) Implementation

    You implement the software at the end users site there are different types of implementation for example

    You can have the old system and even in the new system running at the same time so that if the new system fails the old system is there to continue with the transaction

    6) Maintainence

    I allways believe this is the stage which takes maximum amount of time remember the Y2k Problem It will go on and on years together until the user feels Ohh I need to take this new technology into consideration or some other reason

    I Just gave you a overview of system development life cycle you will have to go into each and every stage and learn more Iam sure some other member will add to this thread.If you have any questions about the above stages feel to post on the issue

    Hope this helped


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    r you referiing to oracle proprietry metholdolgy of systems development then it si like this.


    hope this helps


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